National Great American Pot Pie Day


National Great American Pot Pie Day cooks up a toasty meal on September 23rd. Warm up the home with a toasty meal of pot pies to celebrate!

Pot pies typically include both a flaky top crust and a bottom crust. Occasionally, recipes omit the bottom crust. Either way, fill them with tender chicken, beef or pork, and lots of vegetables for a hearty meal. Some other delicious fillings include turkey and seafood. Traditional veggies in pot pie include potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peas. Finally, the gravy and seasonings make the pies irresistible. When they begin heating up in the oven, the family knows when dinner is ready! This crowd-pleaser draws families together. During the cooler days, a meal of pot pie easily uses up vegetables from the garden and leftovers. It fills bellies after a long day of work, too. Several pies may be prepared ahead and frozen, too. During the crisper evenings, gather friends and family around the table. These hot pies can be made to serve individually or as one large pie. Either way, the aroma fills the home and warms the heart.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GreatAmericanPotPieDay

We know you love celebrating all kinds of pie! This day allows you to celebrate another version, a savory kind. Invite the family to help make homemade pot pies. Or, go out to eat and order one from your favorite country restaurant. Or, pick up some frozen pot pies at the grocery store. The broad selection will satisfy everyone.

Give this recipe a try. Chicken Pot Pie IX

Then enjoy everyone’s company and share your evening by using #GreatAmericanPotPieDay to post on social media.


Marie Callender’s, the pot pie and frozen food company created National Great American Pot Pie Day in 2002.

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