Researchers May Have Discovered the Reason Behind Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases


Researchers from the University of Sydney may have uncovered the reason behind why some individuals remain asymptomatic while others suffer from severe symptoms of COVID-19. They found that a protein called LRRC15, which is naturally present in the lungs, attaches itself to the coronavirus and hinders it from binding to other cells. This protein is not produced until after the virus has entered the body.

The researchers observed that individuals who did not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 had higher levels of LRRC15 in their blood compared to those who had a severe infection.

With this new information in hand, the scientists are now hoping to utilize it in developing treatments that can prevent the virus from spreading and effectively combat all its variants.

Lead study author, Professor Greg Neely, stated, "As an immunologist, the existence of this natural immune receptor that we were previously unaware of, that lines our lungs and regulates the virus, is incredibly fascinating. We can now leverage this newly discovered receptor to create broad-spectrum drugs that can prevent viral infections or even reduce lung fibrosis."

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