No Mail Delivery on Presidents’ Day


Presidents' Day is a federal holiday that has been celebrated since 1879. This holiday is observed on the third Monday in February each year, and it honors the birthdays of two of America's most famous presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This year, Presidents' Day will be celebrated on February 20.

The history of Presidents' Day dates back to the 1800s when George Washington's birthday was first celebrated as a national holiday. In 1865, after the death of Abraham Lincoln, his birthday was also recognized as a holiday. It wasn't until 1971 that Presidents' Day was officially designated as a federal holiday, combining the two separate holidays into one.

On Presidents' Day, many government offices and banks will be closed, including the U.S. Postal Service. This means that there will be no mail delivery on this day, and post offices across the country will be closed. It's important to note that some post offices may have limited hours on the day before or after Presidents' Day.

While the U.S. Postal Service will be closed, other mail delivery services like FedEx and UPS will be operating as usual. This means that you can still send and receive packages on Presidents' Day, but you should check with your specific carrier to confirm their hours of operation.

Presidents' Day is also a popular day for sales and promotions, as many retailers offer discounts in honor of the holiday. This is a great time to take advantage of sales on electronics, home goods, and other items.

In addition to shopping, there are also many ways to celebrate Presidents' Day. Some people take the day off work to spend time with family and friends, while others use the holiday as an opportunity to learn more about the history of the United States.

Many cities and towns across the country hold parades and other events in honor of Presidents' Day. These events often include live music, historical reenactments, and other festivities.

If you're looking for a more low-key way to celebrate Presidents' Day, you can also visit a museum or historic site dedicated to the presidents. The National Mall in Washington, D.C. is home to several iconic monuments and memorials, including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.

In conclusion, Presidents' Day is an important federal holiday that honors two of America's most beloved presidents. While the U.S. Postal Service will be closed on this day, other mail delivery services will be operating normally. This is a great day to take advantage of sales and promotions, as well as to learn more about the history of the United States. Whether you're attending a parade, visiting a museum, or simply spending time with loved ones, there are many ways to celebrate Presidents' Day.

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