The Future of the 710 Stub: Pasadena Receives $2 Million to Create a Vision


Pasadena has received a $2.5 million grant from Caltrans to explore options for transforming the 710 freeway stub into a more livable and vibrant area. The stub is a remnant of a decades-long plan to extend the 710 freeway from Alhambra to Pasadena, which was officially abandoned in 2018 after fierce opposition from local residents and environmental groups.

The grant will allow Pasadena to hire consultants and engage with the community to develop a vision for the future of the 34-acre site, which currently consists of concrete ramps, vacant lots and underused buildings. The city hopes to create a mixed-use development that would include housing, retail, office space, parks and bike lanes.

The city has already hired Moule & Polyzoides, an urban design firm based in Pasadena, to create some preliminary concepts for the site. The firm has proposed removing the ramps and reconnecting the street grid, creating new blocks that would accommodate various types of development. The firm has also suggested adding a transit hub that would link buses, light rail and shuttles.

The city plans to hold several public workshops and meetings over the next year to solicit feedback and ideas from residents, businesses and stakeholders. The city also intends to coordinate with Caltrans, Metro and other agencies to ensure that any changes are compatible with regional transportation plans.

The city expects to complete the visioning process by late 2024 and present a final report with recommendations for implementation. The city hopes that by reimagining the 710 stub, it can create a more walkable, sustainable and attractive neighborhood that would benefit both Pasadena and the surrounding region.

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