News Scoop for Sunday 3/19/2023


News Scoop for today

  1. The digital asset world has midsize banks ‘caught in a squeeze’ between local, national banks: Midsize banks are struggling to keep up with the competition from local and national banks in the digital asset world. They are caught in a squeeze between the two, and are finding it difficult to compete with the larger banks.
  2. Big day in the world of diggers, National Excavator Championships today: The National Excavator Championships are taking place today. The event is being held in Las Vegas, and is expected to draw a large crowd. The competition will feature some of the best excavator operators from around the country.
  3. Local artist reaches national stage: A local artist has reached the national stage. The artist, who is from New York, has been featured in several national publications and has received widespread acclaim for their work. They are now considered one of the most promising young artists in the country.
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