Never Bring Your Dog to a Burglary


In Germany, a peculiar burglar decided to bring his furry companion along for the ride when he broke into a local butcher shop. To keep the dog occupied, he opened up a box of sausages while he loaded several boxes of meat onto his getaway truck.

The police responded to the shop's silent alarm, and upon arrival, they found the burglar standing at the back door, whistling and calling for the dog to follow him. However, the dog paid no attention to his owner's calls and continued to munch on the sausages.

The authorities wasted no time in taking action, and they quickly arrested the burglar, who was still trying to convince his loyal companion to come with him. The dog, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying his free meal and refused to leave the scene of the crime.

This bizarre incident serves as a reminder that crime doesn't always pay, and that even the most loyal of pets can't always be relied upon to follow their owner's instructions.

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