National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day


National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day on September 13th brings the youngest cooks into the kitchen!

Kids and teens across the country are called to take over their kitchens! This observance encourages using their favorite recipes to make a meal for their family. (Adult supervision and assistance as required for the younger bakers and chefs in the house!)

The Young Chefs Academy (YCA) mission empowers kids and teens to become more actively involved in the kitchen. They encourage children to help in the planning, preparation, and cooking of meals. Another focus of the YCA includes fostering family bonds. As a result of their work, they actively fight the battle against the many serious health and social issues related to youth’s eating habits in today’s time.

When children take an active part in their family mealtimes, they learn to eat healthier. However, mealtime is also a social activity. We learn about each others’ days and take an interest in each others’ lives. Mealtimes are enormously productive when we work together and enjoy together as families.

HOW TO OBSERVE #KidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay

Let the kids cook for a change of pace. Ask children to take part in the cooking activities more often, too. Not only will they learn about cooking and healthy eating, but they will learn about responsibility. They will feel more a part of the family. They might even find joy in the meals they help to provide, too! Try one of these kid-friendly recipes to get your children cooking. While they whip up their culinary masterpieces, it’s an excellent time to teach them so many things:

  • As they measure ingredients, practice fractions.
  • Learning to delegate is hard for some and easy for others. While they prep, teach them how to best divide the responsibilities. Don’t forget the clean-up.
  • Another great cooking skill is reading. Don’t hesitate to let children learn tough phrases, especially in French cooking!
  • No matter their age, there’s a job for everyone. Even the youngest can pour and taste.

Herbed Chicken Nuggets
Yogurt Sundaes

Share your meals with us and use #KidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay to post on social media.

Educators, be sure to visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for ideas on how to celebrate with your students.


National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day is sponsored by the Young Chefs Academy. Be sure to check out this organization to discover how they encourage children to learn the kitchen!

Kids in the Kitchen FAQ

Q: At what age can children begin to learn to cook?
A. About the time children begin walking well on their own, they can begin some of the basics of cooking. Toddlers can stir, scoop, sprinkle, and sort, among many other skills. Start with a simple recipe that doesn’t require the stove or sharp utensils, such as peanut butter and banana sandwiches or yogurt parfaits.

Q: How do children benefit from learning to cook at a young age?
A: There are several benefits to teaching children to cook at a young age.

  1. They learn science such as chemical reactions from mixing certain ingredients.
  2. Children use their reading skills when they cook and follow instructions.
  3. Cooking teaches children safety skills.
  4. Children get to spend productive time with their family members.
  5. They earn a sense of accomplishment from completing a recipe. And it’s an automatic reward – Children get to eat what they make!
  6. Learning to cook comes with built-in opportunities to learn from mistakes. No one gets every recipe right the first time.
  7. They develop a broader appreciation for flavors and foods.
  8. Food can teach children about other cultures.
  9. Cooking can teach children to work as a team.
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